Monday, February 8, 2010

Japan Celebrities

Japan Celebrities

Do you know that Japanese people keep a sort of photo book of their most favorite celebrities and fashion idols? Well, it is similar to what you have in the form of Celebrity Calendar in the westernized versions. Like any other country, the list of Japan Celebrities is an endless one that comprises of hundreds of film personalities, sports icon, political stars and many other top ranking leaders from various sectors.

Hiroshi, Matsumoto Hitoshi, Sakai Masaaki and Tashiro Masashi are some of the greatest comedian celebrities from Japan. On the realm of Japanese models, Ebihara Yuri, Josh Snow, Kanata Hongo, Yamada Yu, May J, and Fujiwara Norika are some of the top ranking models from Japan. Matsudaira Ken, Ishihara Yujiro, Watanabe ken, Seto Koji, and Fujiwara Tatsuya are few of the most popular Japanese Film Actors whereas on the forefront of Japanese Actresses, Aya Ueto, Ito Misaki, Koyuki and Yonekura Ryoko are the most loved names. There are many bloggers that run several gamuts about the hot Japan celebrity gossips but many of the celebrities share many common things such as fashion statements and culture.
Japan Celebritie Misaki Ito

Japan Celebritie Ebihara Yuri

Japan Celebritie Ken Watanabe