Saturday, January 31, 2009

Literacy rates in japan

Japan Literacy rate
The Japanese authorities claims literacy rate in Japan is 99% for Japanese more than 15 years old,but that's ca be very prejudiced. Most Japanese can not understand or spell every kanji (characters). Basically, since the writing system is more complex, and because children learn it from kindergarten forward, more people have more exposure to it and there's more of a motivation for learning it that in the rest of the world.Educating normally starts before grade one in preschool education (yochien) and is free and mandatory for elementary and junior high (grades 1-9). More than 99 pct of elementary school aged minors attend school. Most students who complete junior high go on on to high school (grades 10-12). More or less third of high school graduates and so go on for higher education. Most high schools and universities accept students on the base of difficult entrance exam. Rivalry to get in the best high schools and universities is merciless since Japan’s most honored jobs usually go to graduates of elite universities.