Monday, October 27, 2008

Facts about japan:Japan Shinkansen train

Japan Shinkansen bullet trains

Japan train network is without doubt the finest s in the world,particularly the fastest Japan Shinkansen train or Japanese Bullet Train that links the major Japanese cities.
Japan's fast Bullet trains are named Shinkansen and are controlled by the Japan Railways.Japan train network allows traveling at a maximum speed of 270km/h.Shinkansen trains use independent rails and platforms separated from all other trains. All Shinkansen routes start out and finish at Tokyo's main stations.
The Shinkansen trains are the most favorite form of transport in Japan.Shinkansen train today has turn in to one of the most typical part of Japan's super modern rail transportation system.
Since the 1964 when Shinkansen trains went in operation the Shinkansen have registered no fatal accidents.
Japan Shinkansen bullet train