Sunday, May 11, 2008

Facts about Japan:Japan traditional food

Over the centuries the Japanese have evolved a refined and tasteful cuisine extremely sensitive to the times of year.Nowadays Japanese enjoy a mixture of traditional Japanese food, including the basics of rice and miso soup, also equally a lot of seafood (sushi and sashimi for example)
Japanese culinary art personifies its environment and populate. The easiness of getting fresh components led to sushi, high temperature and humidness led to assortments of preserved food like umeboshi,natto, tsukemono and soja sauce.A few good example of traditionalistic Japanese food are Sushi, Soba and ‘Modern’ is specified as specifically Japanese, but converted or influenced by western civilization. A couple of good examples of moderne Japanese fast food restaurant are Mos Burger,and Yoshinoya.
MOS Burger
Japanese food is often adverted in connection with a healthy diet because of the large quantity of fish and vegetables and it become a popular type of health food n the U.S. and Europe.

Cooking method of Japanese Traditional food Kansai Style OKONOMI-YAKI: